27 Jun

VA – Elysium

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  • WEEK May 2010/18
  • STYLE: Dub
  • STOCK: In Stock
  • FORMAT: Compact Disc
  • BARCODE 881034378170

1. Veil of Forgetfulness – Liquid Stranger2. Spoonbender – Kalpataru Tree3. Yayou – Dr. Toast4. Walkabout – Bird of Prey5. Sleep Patterns – Timonkey (Echo System)6. Spirit Speaks – Nanda7. Wavedrop – Buddhatech8. Pearlsterp – Heyoka9. Harmonia (Chlorophil”s Mojave remix) – Pitch Black10. Toaster – Stickleback11. Grot – Sadim12. Different Tings – Ripple13. 3rd I – Kether14. Ants – B Kom


Compiled by ChlorophilElysium contains 15 unmixed Dj ready tracks compiled by Chlorophil founder of the newest label out of the bay area that focuses on dubstep / electronica. Each track is healing and takes you on a journey through the dub spectrum!Synchronos Recordings is a San Francisco California based label specializing in Dubstep/Electronica music. Next level production and cutting edge bass lines are combined to create serious dance floor energy. This is music designed for the groovy sound systems and chillout rooms.

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