28 Jun

VA – Emergency Exit

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  • WEEK Dec. 2002/50
  • STOCK: Not available
  • FORMAT: Compact Disc
  • BARCODE 4031345401418

1. Potjera (legura rmx) – Toke
2. Prans – Small and Smelly
3. Vulcanizer – Dogma 3000
4. Good stuff – Dj Fresh Jay
5. Mother funker – Mokk
6. Cubic space division – PPS Project
7. Free George blow – Ferbi boys
8. Genjuros experience – Neoris
9. Radiation – Platform


We thought that it will be a nice way to end 200
2……with our 9th V.A compilation Emergency Exit.Once again Hadshot Haheizar expose new tracks from new comers and estebalished artists.This compilation offer a full range of styles on the psychedelic scale in the Hadshot special way of doing thingsToke – potjera (legura rmx): A powerful morning track with acoustic strings which give it a bit of a spanish touch. Small and Smelly – prans aka “Daniel Kestenboim AKA Babaganushka and Taran – TE”: brings us a long driving Acid journey.Dogma 3000 – vulkanizer Fat uplifting progressive bass.DJ Fresh JAY – good stuff: Funky grooves with housy touch and unforgetable sample(taken from Hadsh060). Mokk – mother funker: Kicking trance with a bad attitude and psy atmosphere. PPS Project – cubic space division: A killer technoid track with a break down that break the dancefloor. Ferbi Boys – free george blow: A catchy technoid from AKA Sesto Sento.Neoris – genjuros experience: A hard mechanic trip throw the russion mind. Platform – tradiation: Some easy listening with very Deep feelings.

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