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VA – Goa Culture Vol 17

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  • WEEK Feb. 2015/09
  • STYLE: Progressive Trance
  • STOCK: In Stock
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  • FORMAT: 2 x Compact Disc
  • BARCODE 5028557134820

1. The Cure – Ellinio2. Spiritual Identity – Dedale Hekula3. Never Give Up – Opposite84. Other Dimensions Of Space – Egorythmia Static Movement5. Time and Space – Tristate6. Rising Hope – Sonic Entity7. Floating Joint – Protonica8. Imagine Yourself – One Function9. Astral World – Static Movement Pragmatix10. Desire and Passion – Hi Profile11. Digital Journey – Helber Gun 3D Ghost12. Cosmic Experience – Kingpink13. Circle Of Life – Enarxis14. Partners In Crime – Mr. Suspect Reverse15. Deeper – Paralogue16. Spiritual Communion – D-Twin17. No More – Mr. Suspect18. All We Need (Drukverdeler DJ Bim Fire Starter rmx) – Hi Profile


The Goa Culture Series goes in the 17th round and this time it is a fantastic collaboration…… between Yellow Sunshine Explosion DJ Bim and Greece”s Progressive Trance Legend Hi Profile from the well known Trance Label Phoenix Groove Records.Goa Culture Vol.17 is like every time an outstanding journey into the world of psychedelic progressive Goa Trance the ultimate soundtrack for the forthcoming spring 201
5. This release contains music in the modern psychedelic progressive trance genre with emphasis on groovy powerful uplifting and massive tracks forming cutting edge musical journeys and massive tools for DJs.Enjoy 150 minutes of the finest “hands in the air” Dance Music from some of the most respected producers of this Planet like Drukverdeler and DJ Bim vs Fire Starter Protonica Egorythmia and Static Movement Mr. Suspect Static Movement vs Pragmatix Kingpink Helber Gun and 3D Ghost Reverse Paralogue D-Twin One Function Sonic Entity Tristate Opposite8 Dedale and Hekula Ellinio and Hi Profile.

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