16 Sep

VA – Goa Legends Vol 3

Скачать бесплатно VA - Goa Legends Vol 3

  • WEEK Oct. 2012/43
  • STYLE: Progressive Trance
  • STOCK: In Stock
  • FORMAT: 2 x Compact Disc
  • BARCODE 4260246180485

1. Psychonauts – Gaudium2. Sicilian Vendetta (Pop Art rmx) – Sunstryk3. Master Key (Time In Motion rmx) – Yotopia4. Destination Reality – Hi Profile5. Ancient Groove – Lyctum6. Sol – Odiseo7. Nightrunner – Invisible Reality and Vice8. Illusion of reality – Daniel Lesden9. Mononight – Argonnight and Monolock10. Teatro Mental (Sideform rmx) – Lupin11. Louder (Cosmonet rmx) – Sesto Sento12. Declare (Atomic Pulse rmx) – Ritmo13. Voyage (Indra Didrapest Prospect rmx) – Yahel14. Equinox – Atyss15. Into the depths – Mechanimal16. Camping – Ferbi Boys17. Cosmogenesis – Solar Axis18. Cocktails – Audiotec and Outsiders19. Happy Birthday – Indra and Didrapest20. 8 Bit – Zion Linguist


Goa Crops Records is proud to present the third volume…… of an amazing and bombastic GOA compilation. Goa Legends is a high-quality product featuring 2 full coloured audio CDs holding 10 tracks each!CD1 features progressive-trance tracks by names such as Gaudium Sunstryk Lyctum Odiseo Invisible Reality Vice Lupin Ritmo Yotopia.CD2 features full-on psytrance tracks by names such as Indra Sesto Sento Atyss Audiotec Ferbi Boys Atomic Pulse Solar Axis Zion Linguist and many more.Forget the Goa samplers you heard before get the freshest and latest music of psychedelic trance!

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