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VA – Goa Trance Vol 22

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  • WEEK Jun. 2013/23
  • STYLE: Progressive Trance
  • STOCK: In Stock
  • FORMAT: 2 x Compact Disc
  • BARCODE 5028557130624

1. Digital Mind – Waveform2. Lazer Shot (Symbolic rmx) – Vertical Mode3. Mind=God (Vertical Mode rmx) – Ace Ventura Zen Mechanics4. Synthesize – ManMachine5. 2 Luscious – Sirion Drukverdeler6. Destroy – Ridden7. Sleeping People – Champa Spinal Fusion8. YarZa (Contineum vs. Razzek rmx) – Virus9. Day and night – Wizack Twizack10. Apocalypto – Offline11. Consciousness – Helber Gun12. Illusion Lines – Sonic Entity13. Awake – Audiotec Kopel14. Mushrooms – Timeless Shanko15. Trapped in a dream – Terrahert16. Feelings – Side Effects17. Human Machine – Ritmo Sphera18. Aside Pluto – Native Radio


Since the 21st edition the Goa Trance Series has been compiled…… by Yellow Sunshine Explosion Label DJ Tulla and expect amazing new material on Goa Trance Vol 2
2.Tulla”s approach always has an objective focous on the whole Trance Movement selecting the best releases from well known but sometimes also unknown Record Labels.Goa Trance Vol 22 impresses with 18 stunning tracks on Double CD and is again a perfect journey into the world of our Goa Trance Movement.In more than 140 minutes running time DJ Tulla presents you the whole spectrum of this Genre all tunes ranging from Progressive Goa Trance to pure Psychedelic Trance with artists such as: Vertical Mode Symbolic Waveform Timeless and Shanko Ritmo Sphera Native Radio and Helber Gun. More traditional Goa Trance can be enjoyed by the likes of Champa vs Spinal Fusion Sirion vs. Drukverdeler Virus Wizack Twizack and more.

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