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VA – Goa Trip Vol 8

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  • WEEK Nov. 2015/49
  • STYLE: Psytrance Psychedelic Trance
  • STOCK: In Stock
  • PSYRIP + free mp3 download
  • FORMAT: 2 x Compact Disc
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1. Underground Pacifik – Total Eclipse Electit Ecosphere Jessy2. A Single Spark – Fire Starter Monolock3. Galactic Activation (Orthoplex Norma Project rmx) – Sharigrama4. Unfolding – Inducer Haffman5. Stromschnelle – Flugbegleiter Galactrixx6. Polyhedrons – Androids Straight Up Baxxten7. Shadow Magnet (Sychovibes rmx) – Micro Scan8. Theory Of The Statics (Biocycle rmx) – Alignments9. Ear Cell – Attik Intelligence10. Shiva Spirit – BPM11. Stonehenge – Merlin”s Apprentice12. Goa Fusion – 01-N Te-Tuna13. Skyline – Life Extension14. Fusion Reaction – Creactive Aum Project15. Cosmo Sphere (Knock Out rmx) – Argon Sphere Cosmonautica16. Optical Movements – David Shanti Phoniq Request17. Cyborg Jesus – Spectro Boy18. The Inner Seeds – InnerShade The NickelCat Sensitive Seeds19. Bad Boys (Biokinetix rmx) – Perfect Match OuterConnection20. Unifield Quest (Activating Evolution rmx) – Kinesis21. Connect (Cactus Arising rmx) – Nova Fractal


Goa Trip returns with Vol. 8 this hit series is back to the top with 21 unforgettable songs that…… will be making you scream for more. This time CD 1 starts with massive slower BPM Prog-Psy masters leading in to an all fullon second disc expanding the boundaries once again with the most massive line up.Stepping up three more notches the 8th edition includes stellar contributions from 46 leading Progressive and Psychedelic Fullon Goa Trance producers spanning the globe. All star contributors look forward to amazing hits by Total Eclipse Attik vs Intelligence Fire Starter vs Monolock Sharigrama Remixed by Norma Project and Try2Fly”s side project Orthoplex Flugbegleiter vs Galactrixx Micro Scan remixed by Sychovibes BPM Electit and the list goes on and on. Many returning favorites like David Shanti (from Terraformers) vs Phonic Request Perfect Match (Biokinetix vs Phoenix) Kinesis Nova Fractal remixed by Cactus Arising Argon Sphere vs Cosmonautica remixed by Knockout 01-N vs TeTuna Life Extension as well as many amazing new talents like Merlin”s Apprentice Creactive and Aum Project Spectro Boy InnerShade The NickelCat and Sensitive Seeds Androids Straight Up Baxxten Ecosphere Jessy. This 2 disc fully packed super compilation of hits was picked and arranged by Goa Records label heads Dr Spook and Random. CD1 and CD2 both contain special unreleased original and remixed tracks featuring many flavours from artists who are releasing with different Geomagnetic Family Labels.CD one presents a journey into Goa STYLE: mixed with Progressive Psy with tracks that span styles between the realms from morning to daylight trance. CD two travels the slopes of psychedelic full-on and deep full power rippers for ultimate dancing pleasure. This comp offers the best cross section of the planets biggest masters and freshest new wizards of Goa Trance Progressive Psychedelic and Fullon. These songs offer a glimpse into the magic and mystery that is felt each weekend at secret parties held on beaches forests mountaintops deserts at indoors warehouses yoga-dance studios and living rooms. Now you can have a piece of these underground phenomena and relive the excitement that this experience conveys. Welcome to the new Goa Psy-Trance Trip.

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