23 Sep

VA – Goa Vault Vol 2

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  • WEEK Aug. 2017/34
  • STYLE: Psytrance Psychedelic Trance
  • STOCK: In Stock
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  • FORMAT: 2 x Compact Disc
  • BARCODE 0191079529162

1. Boom (Zen Mechanics Remix) – S-Range2. Going Solo – Kundalini3. Surfing Bird – Organic Soup4. Psychedelic Dreams – Alien Life5. Mirror Effect – Sychovibes6. Activated – Digital Tribe Volcano7. Container Of Knowledge – Kazuki8. Leap Of Faith – Wavelogix9. The Time Machine – Vectro Electro10. Modern Music – Audiotec Perlook11. Siempre Secuaces – Lupin12. Breath – Skyline13. Rhythm Of The Rain – Terrasun14. Massive Night – Echotek15. Ghost – Damender Kalilaskov AS16. Who Is Out There – Ironvibe17. Teeth – Psycho Vibration18. Amba Amba – 2Komplex19. Mindblowing – Electit20. Personal Frequency Tweaker – Flucturion


Parabola Music presents a marvelous treat to all trance lovers with this collector”s edition…… double disc classic Psychedelic and Progressive Goa Vault v.
2. For years Parabola Music has had the honor of collaborating with the biggest players in the industry.Now for the first time ever we have reviewed our massive collection of smash hits and assembled this compilation for you our loyal fans with this creme de la creme opportunity to open the vaults and select the choicest and most memorable tracks. Featuring the headlining acts that constantly tour the biggest festivals and events we finally roll out the prized treasures and offer them to you in a magnificent double disc jewel case with 20 crowning achievements spanning many styles from our colorful and always evolving psytrance community. Celebrating the many great years of being your provider of quality dance music we are eagerly cruising into the future while still embracing our foundation and roots that have propelled us all so far so fast.All of the brightest new star producers have been matched together with the biggest legends including Psy Masters: S-Range Zen Mechanics Kundalini Organic Soup Alien Life Sychovibes Digital Tribe Volcano Kazuki Wavelogix Vectro Electro Audiotec Perlook Lupin Skyline Terrasun Echotek Damender Kalilaskov AS Ironvibe Psycho Vibration 2Komplex Electit and Flucturion
2.0. Enjoy!Welcome to Parabola Music. Since April 20th 2009 we started our mission to promote the best electronic dance music we can find. Featuring the best producers and now many more talented new artists!In 2014 we joined the Geomagnetic Label Group giving us a much bigger audience and enabling our roster to expand. We look forward to exploring new worlds of trance our honored fans and customers will be treated to the best music in the universe!

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