09 Nov

VA – Infinite Realities

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  • WEEK Sep. 2004/40
  • STYLE: Psytrance Psychedelic Trance
  • STOCK: Require 2-6 days
  • FORMAT: Compact Disc
  • BARCODE 5019482390221

1. They come – Emorphiam2. Rhinosorcery – Chakra Static3. Hot cakes – Cojp4. Synesthesia – Transequence5. Cosmic snowballs – Shamanic tribes on acid6. Need a drink – Organik7. Mania – Fluroneurosis8. Who drugged the U.S army – Mind Control9. Invasion of the herbsnatchers – Jupiterhead10. Solsticed tea – Mandragora


Future Trance AND Psychedelic Journeys.New psychedelic Trance and Chill label Purple OM follow up their first release (the double CD of downtempo chill “Gateway TO THE SUN”) with a single CD of full-on psychedelic trance.The album features 10 exclusive cuts from a range of established artists and producers from across the Psytrance spectrum.

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