27 Nov

VA – JP Noir

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  • WEEK Aug. 2004/34
  • STYLE: Psytrance Psychedelic Trance
  • STOCK: Not available
  • FORMAT: Compact Disc

1. Dynamo Theory – Charm2. Dracula 2000 – K.U.R.O3. Inclusion – Clade4. Bingo! – Yamabikaya5. Paradox – Yamabikaya vs Dj Bin6. Set – Clutch7. Azeton – Aze vs Clutch8. Clean Machine – Sativa


Traditional psychedelic trance has its roots deep in the natural sounds developed in the exotic……surroundings of Goa and Thailand and other more primitive locations close to the heart of nature. But what happens when these sounds are taken into the heart of Tokyo the thriving metropolis the city that never stops. Here inspiration is drawn from the towering skyscrapers and feel of asphalt underfoot. It is here that psychedelic trance has evolved into the future trance that is showcased on this release from b.p.f records.This is Psychedelic Future Trance. The artists on this release are well known to the psychedelic trance community. First we have Charm the collaboration between the two Tokyo Techno Tribe members Kuro and Tatsuo. More recently known for their releases on Psyristor Trax their sound is an evolved psychedelic tech-trance that relentlessly pounds dancefloors. This is followed by a solo track from K.U.R.O from his project that has been producing the classic Japanese psychedelic trance sound since his early releases on Spirit Zone. Third is a track from Tatsuo on his own presenting his new project Clade. Next is a track from the project Yamabikaya well known for their album on Shiva Space Technology. They give us two tracks the second featuring DJ Bin known for his sets at the Utage Open Air Festival. Then we have the project of TraceCafe”s DJ Tonio producing as Clutch he also gives us two tracks the second being a colaboration with Germany”s DJ Aze well known for his work with the group Charasmatix who have just released a new album on Candyflip Records. The final track comes from the new progressive psytrance colaboration from Japan Sativa. This is Double Dragon”s Steve Good resident DJ at the Stargate parties in Japan teaming up with another Steve Steve McLean They have both already drawn a lot of respect from their releases on Iboga Records and Flow Records and here they provide another fresh leaf of Sativa. These artists have been chosen to showcase the new sound of Future Trance psychedelic trance from the heart of Tokyo.

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