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VA – Kokopelli

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  • WEEK Sep. 2007/36
  • STYLE: Ambient Chillout
  • STOCK: Not available
  • FORMAT: Compact Disc

1. Whale – Tom and Gijs2. Kali Yuga – Siebzehn3. Green Radience – Cloudwalker4. Hangar 18 – Siebzehn5. Interzone – Siebzehn6. Palenque – ProSect7. Hyperion – Movarec8. Swim and Glide – Organix9. You – Samorost


From the center of Amsterdam comes the refreshing chill out compilation Kokopelli compiled by Veer…..and Supergroover. A single release to celebrate the 10th anniversary of smartshop Conscious Dreams Kokopelli. Chill out has been the soundtrack of this famous smartshop over the years and after listening all those years they decided to release some of the tunes that have spiced up the shop.A nice and relaxing track by Tom and Gijs starts the cd to be continued by Siebzehn a german producer that has no problem writing beautiful music. He delivers 3 lovely tracks. Prosect from Israel is a famous name on the scene already with an album under the name sound field. He brings us a orientally influenced track which becomes a little upbeat in the end.Moravec is another promising Dutch producer. This track has a lovely gentle hypnotic chilled out vibe to it. Next is Organix a duo from Amsterdam that focused on a progressive sound but lately start to make some more chill out tracks as well. They are fully dedicated to producing music and are doing a good job. Their track makes you wanna swim and glide Last but not least is Samorost a Costa Rican producer that surely doesn”t have a problem to put emotion in his music. A very relaxing track to end the musical journey.

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