17 Jan

VA – Matsuri Tribe

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  • WEEK Feb. 2017/09
  • STYLE: Psytrance Psychedelic Trance
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  • FORMAT: Compact Disc
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1. Playful – Graham Wood2. Free At Last – James Monro3. Yellow Energy – Graham Wood4. Last 303 – Joujouka5. Lost And Found – Green Nuns of the Revolution6. Hexenjagd – Welt In Scherben7. Unexpressed – Marcus Henriksson8. Acid Prism – Rezonance Mood


The Matsuri Tribe Festival was held on May 3 2016 the largest indoor trance festival where…… able to enjoy a huge event with their children and this was the biggest Spring event in the Japanese trance scene this year.Yuta the pioneer of the revival of Goa Trance in Japan and a leading presence of Matsuri Digital dropped his new compilation album Matsuri Tribe on the same day of the festival.This CD features tracks from long-time friends of Matsuri – James Monro Green Nuns Of The Revolution and Graham Wood – and on the deeper side of Matsuri we have the iconic Marcus Henriksson and the acid trance master Thomas P Heckmann”s alias Welt In Scherben all together making this is a valuable compilation for electronica fans.An unreleased track of Green Nuns Of The Revolution was recently rediscovered on a DAT tape after being lost for 20 years which will be hot news for worldwide Goa freaks! The new track of Marcus Henriksson was inspired by Yuta”s image of using analog equipment a give a fresh sensation for both the techno and trance scenes – we can expect great things from this new combination.Yuta and Asteroidnos”s collaboration project Rezonance Mood delivers its long-awaited new song Acid Prism a Morning Goa techno track that refracts acid sounds with the TB303 and SH10
1.The mastering has been made by both Kuro and Marcus Henriksson to produce the best possible sound to stimulate your senses.

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