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VA – New Skool

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  • WEEK Apr. 2008/17
  • STYLE: Psytrance Psychedelic Trance
  • STOCK: Only 1 left in stock
  • FORMAT: Compact Disc
  • BARCODE 5060147122206

1. Logic Cycle – Sismic2. Now Later – Pulsar3. Brain In Pain – Father Michel4. Touch The Soul – Sismic5. 72 Hours – Pulsar Nemesis6. Twisted Bubbles – Father Michel7. Trust In Flight – Sismic8. In The Face – Pulsar9. Strange Things – Father Michel


Compiled By Dr FranzFrom the beating heart of the Italian Psy Trance scene comes this clear example of some of the talent that comes from a country at its artistic peak in psy trance productions. Sadly not enough of the quality trance music produced in Italy has the chance of being distributed worldwide.Well this trend is about to change; with “New Skool” the new label Mmhr brings to the world”s ears some of Italy”s finest DJ/Producers..Paolo aka Sismic from Rome presents three exclusive tracks of pure genius and energy; his sound is a full on vortex of emotions with no frills and no gimmicks just pure trance! Marco aka Pulsar from Florence also presents three exclusive tracks on “New Skool”. He has been producing psy trance for quite sometime and published tracks on Solarsiv Plusquam Veleno Magma Rec. etc.Pulsar”s STYLE: is a full on with fat basslines and captivating grooves to which is difficult to resist.he”s also the New Skool! The youngest teacher and pupil of the New Skool is Michel aka Father Michel also from Florence. Michel is one of Pulsar”s friends and the emergent new talent. As the others he presents three exclusive tracks to the New Skool. Talented composer Father Michel plays a fresh full on sound crafted with passion and musicianship.the end result is an amazing and hypnotic evolution in every track.New Skool; the evolution of psy trance never stops music knows no boundaries this is Full On made in Italy brought to you and compiled by Dr FranZ for Mmhr.

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