11 Mar

VA – No Possible Soundz Vol 3

Скачать бесплатно VA - No Possible Soundz Vol 3

  • WEEK Jan. 2008/02
  • STYLE: Psytrance Psychedelic Trance
  • STOCK: Not available
  • FORMAT: Compact Disc
  • CATALOG: DS61CD009

1. Sesto Sunshine – Calamar Audio Okta2. Ollaanko – Igor Swamp3. Lakupekka – Nano Buds4. Teboil – Salakavala5. Shingen Takeda – Mandalavandalz6. Speaking in lungs – Finski Disco7. Psy Psuckers – Odd Harmonic8. Kapunginvauhdissa (rmx) – Notkea Rotta9. Mankeli – Squaremeat10. Mankeli – Flying Scorpions11. Dracula Trance – Dirty Dreds


This compilation album was composed by all the great finish artists.Once you listen to this album you will be amazed what you are hearing! This is absolutely a NO Possible Soundz ever. 6 Dimension Soundz will lead you into a completely new trance world. And you will realise its unique way of sound with their own unique style. Most of the artists here will be very familiar and need no introduction – being long-standing pioneers of the suomi sound – Odd Harmonic Flying Scorpions Squaremeat Mandalavandalz and Salakavala. Calamar Audio and Igor Swamp who have both recently released albums on Antiscarp Records are the projects of individual Salakavala members.Nano Buds is a collaboration between Petri Koskinen (aka Squaremeat) and Toni Sorsa (aka Igor Swamp part of Salakavala). Notkea Rotta is not really a trance artist but their track Kapunginvauhdissa is given a fantastic suomi remix by Penti Slayer (from Texas Faggot) while Dirty Dreds is none other than Petri Koskinen (aka Squaremeat) and Eki Jokisalo (aka Sienis another big hitter in the Suomi scene)

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