16 May

VA – Psychic Chakra III – Dreaming Of The Phoenix

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  • WEEK Apr. 2010/14
  • STYLE: Psytrance Psychedelic Trance
  • STOCK: In Stock
  • FORMAT: Compact Disc
  • BARCODE 881034378224

1. Seeds – TeTuna2. We are dreaming – Kinesis3. Dream Stars – Phoenix Family (Random vs Mindstorm)4. Alter Ego – Reactive5. No one need a drug – Polypheme6. Thought Elevator – Random Light7. No Audio Devices – Microscan8. Incredible Experience – Biokinetix9. Deka – FrostRaven10. Andromeda – Goe11. Up n Down – Echotek vs Solar System


This dynamic meditation is packed with so many chakra swirling keys…..to inner joy and effortless abundance are bound to cause spontaneous evolutions throughout your “Meta Body”. Part III begins with a fresh hit from Tetuna our French prodigy of uplifting melodic psy with Seeds of pure bliss. Kinesis (France) ensures we are Dreaming when the Phoenix Family (USA) provides their Dream Stars other wise known as our Reactive (Rissia) Alter Egos. Polypheme (France) insists that with this amazing dream technology at our fingertips No One Needs a Drug! Random (USA) and Virtual Light (Canada) combine forces to become Random Light and bring us to a new level on the Thought Elevator. After this we Micro Scan our minds and then we no longer need Audio Devices since we can telepathically project music directly into the parties collective consciousness. Carefully guiding us through this active meditation Biokinetix (France) provides us with an Incredible Experience. Flying through our minds eye our inner Frost Raven (USA) beckons us towards the Deka or 10th gate. When we arrive through this dimensional portal Goe (Sweden) shows us the wonders of the Andromeda galaxy. Here we are treated to a the final stage of our cosmic journey where Echotek and Solar System (both from Israel) bring us Up n Down our chakras to return us to our bodies.All in all we have adventured to distant places and depths of our universe all from the center of our own minds. We are the universe made manifest figuring itself out! Memorable thematic music harmonically tuned for the great moments of ecstatic bliss and euphoric climaxes on the dance floor and at home. Treat your self to the next volumes of the our most successful and celebrated psychedelic goa trance music series we have ever released!

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