21 May

VA – Psyshark Vibes 2

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  • WEEK Nov. 2009/47
  • STYLE: Psytrance Psychedelic Trance
  • STOCK: In Stock
  • FORMAT: Compact Disc
  • BARCODE 8021150943742

1. Hard Times – Freak Show2. Rollerblade – Psychotic Micro3. We Bring The Fire – Twisted Reaction4. Naked Dance – Dragonboyz5. D-Bom Sankar – Tetrium6. Fucking Disaster – Nature Disaster7. Synthx Attack – Brain Access8. The Pink Panther – Impulser vs Bubble Craft9. GPS Navigator – Z-Cat10. Tripper – PsyShark/Sharky


Psyshark Records is proud to announce the next Psytrance Compilation “PsyShark Vibes 2”.Yes! It”s the second part of PsyShark Vibes! But this one is totally different from the previous one! Its Newer! Its Stronger! Its Powerful! Its a Super Energetic and Massive one! As we always do on PsyShark Records Cds and Parties!PsyShark Vibes 2 includes new sounds and different styles from their older Cd”s! PsyShark has searched patiently due the whole year of 2009 for new and fresh sounds by catching most talented Artists of today”s Psytrance Scene! But only the tiptop tracks has been selected! Once you hear them you will understand. This is the new sound of PsyShark Records!PsyShark Vibes 2 can be considered as the new convert of PsyShark Records to a better level! All the Tracks on this new amazing Cd were tested worldwide at many parties and festivals and they work perfectly at any dancefloor! Its Guaranteed! This Cd is M-U-S-T for any Psytrance DJ.

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