25 May

VA – Purple Sangoma

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  • WEEK Jan. 2018/05
  • STYLE: Psytrance Psychedelic Trance
  • STOCK: In Stock
  • PSYRIP + free mp3 download
  • FORMAT: Compact Disc
  • BARCODE 5060376223095

1. Future Ancestors – Animalien Purist2. Hootanany – Act One3. Warp Activated – Primordial Ooze Weirdbass4. Just For Us – Yohanan Synthetik Chaos5. Spacetastic – Rezonant6. Carrier Wave – Babagoon7. Like a Sloth – Sequoya Cosinus8. Animal Lexicon – Kontrol Z Chudl9. Ricki-Tikki-Tavi Biatch! – Metrix10. The Yingyang Prohecy – Elf de la Nooi


After the first collaboration release with Pixan Recordings last summer we aim to bring another…… load of musical melting pot this time in collaboration with Sangoma Records.While Purple is the colour of spirituality incorporated in the crown chakra and the connection between mankind and its spiritual counterparts the term Sangoma refers to the Shamans and Healers of the Zulu and Swazi tribes from southern Africa. The musical mixture of Purple Hexagon Records and Sangoma Records therefore results in a sonic cure for your ears neurons minds chakras dancing feet or whatever center it is that gathers your energies.Having compiled both “Brotherys Balderdash” Insults it was without hesitation that the choice fell on G4rY and Merry:) a.k.a. the Broth3rys – both label djs for Purple Hexagon with their collaboration project and Sangoma”s with their individual dj-sets. At times like this when new labels are mushrooming again trying to find their spot in the musical circuit and focusing on shaping their own individual identity we decided to stick to a well known old African proverb in order to find new ways to connect different approaches and highlight common musical as well as personal grounds:”If you want to walk fast walk alone. If you want to walk far walk together!”

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