25 May

VA – Purple

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  • WEEK Feb. 2005/07
  • STYLE: Psytrance Psychedelic Trance
  • STOCK: Require 2-6 days
  • FORMAT: Compact Disc
  • BARCODE 5030094109728

1. Need some help – Hypersonic2. Home alone – Hujaboy3. T Funk – Quadra4. Melting colours – Alien Project5. Alienware – Dynamic6. Smoking underwater – Spiritual Enhancer7. Sneaky Sneaky (Triptych rmx) – Sesto Sento8. Dark star – Aphid Moon and Lucas9. Everything is going fine (rmx) – Johann


A very original super production with very infectious grooves.A real favourite of ours and one of Raja Rams top tunes of the moment.Spiritual Enhancer from a new Brazilian artist. Perhaps lacks the absolute top production of some but makes up for it with the energy and danceability. A real success on the dancefloor and another of Raja Ram”s current a list.Quadra a new artist that has just released his debut album on Solstice. A very mature track with great sounds arrangements and production. Very psyechedelic and a fresh sound. A real artist to watch. The most promising newcomer in the last year. Johann the return of the one and only Johann!The fabulous drummer and ex member of Juno Reactor is back. This is an apt starting point as it is a remix of a clasic track of his from the yellow album. It reminds of those great times in the early 90″s. Johann is working on new material at the moment and an album will be released soon. His sound is very distinctive which can be refreshing when so many artists use the same kicks and sounds. Johann is certainly one of a kind!Then we have some fine performances from Alien Project Dynamic and Hujaboy…and there is a track from Lucas from Tip with Aphid Moon. A very Uk sound. on the whole the album is maybe a bit deeper and groovier than the last one but still very psychedelic!

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