25 Aug

VA – Spindrive Vol 2

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  • WEEK t.b.a.
  • STYLE: Progressive Trance
  • STOCK: Not available
  • FORMAT: Compact Disc
  • BARCODE 4031345506502

1. Sky – Odiseo
2. Robotic Dreams – Monotron
3. Satnight – Emphacis
4. Spindrive – Visua
5. Recal – Vaishiyas
6. Cosmix – Aerospace
7. Belive in my minds – FM
8. Rainy Days – Symphonix


Welcome to the 2nd chapter of the Spindrive series. Compiled by Vaishiyas.After the positive feedback of the “Spindrive Vol. 1” compilation the German-based label Spintwist Records is proud to present the 2 nd chapter in the “Spindrive” series once again compiled by the label-owner Vaishiyas.Like in the first chapter this CD contains a mix of both smooth groovy progressive trance and strong dance floor productions made by artists from many corners of the world – just in time for the European outdoor party season. First track is a groovy progressive track by Odiseo from Mexico who many might know Odiseo as being part of the projects Xibalba and Ski-Fi who have released on labels like Plusquam Sinn Tec and Planet B.E.N. Monotron from Brazil had their first release on the first Spindrive compilation and here they are again with a very powerful progressive peak-time tune made for outdoor stomping. Next track is by Emphacis – a promising new name appearing with is a very solid German-STYLE: progressive festival track The Mexican artist Visua known from releases on Midijum and Groove Zone provide the compilation with a very smooth and emotional morning-track while the next track is by label-owner Vaishiyas who needs no introduction. He has released 3 full-length albums (one under the sideproject Sync) and tracks on labels like Plusquam Flow Sinn Tec and of course his own label Spin Twist.Aerospace (also known as DJ GuyShanti) from Israel just recently released his debut-album “Earth” on Midijum which was a huge success. He is previously known for the project Evil Drug Lords and has released on Iboga Domo and Yellow Sunshine Explosion. Following up by Aerospaces hit is FM – the project of the two well-known German DJ”s and producers Fabio and Magical known for their releases on Sinn Tec Plusquam and Jum Jam and rocking the dancefloors all over Europe.Last but not least is the German brothers Sirko and Stephan Woetanowski (Montagu and Golkonda) with their project Symphonix – they are the organisers of the popular Tshitraka festival in Germany and have released on many different labels like Midijum Plusquam Sinn Tec NovaTekk AP Records Planet B.E.N. Records and Yellow Sunshine Explosion.Expect to hear these tunes on festival dancefloors all summer!

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