28 Aug

VA – Spiritual Science

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  • WEEK Apr. 2012/16
  • STYLE: Psytrance Psychedelic Trance
  • STOCK: Not available
  • FORMAT: 2 x Compact Disc
  • BARCODE 8002565023816

1. La Griffe – Twisted Kala Nasha2. Bless you freaks – Hydropanic Silent Horror3. Master Aus – Psychoson4. Sacred Lotus – Arcek Frog5. Crickets in the Angklu – Kraft6. No more faith (Polyphonia rmx) – PolyKaos7. Fractal Orchestra – Xikwri Neyrra8. From darkness in to the light – Demoniac Insomniac9. Nera La Luna – Sectio Aurea10. The Fountain – Kasatka Dark Whisper11. Kalivile – The Dog Of Tears12. Connecting Dots – Iguana Conxion Demoniac Insomniac13. Triangular – Antagon14. Psychadelic Stuff – Mentaloop Pressman15. Stormbind – Fatal Discord16. Finest Collection – Oxidaksi17. Krishna – Kanibal Holokaust18. Aghori Kali Mantra – Rawar19. Rules of chess – Mind Oscillation20. Solar Plexus – Yaminahua21. Remetenia rmx – Infect Insect


A story has been created from 21 pieces of sound to awake the ancient consciousness of mankind.We have all gathered from around the world to find the answers about the mysteries of the universe. Yogis monks shamans and healers mad scientists mathematicians aliens crazy goblins and many celestial beings have gathered for this occasion to celebrate sound.

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