15 Sep

VA – Sunday Vol 2

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  • WEEK Mar. 2008/12
  • STYLE: Ambient Chillout
  • STOCK: Not available
  • FORMAT: Compact Disc

1. Verbed Shower2. Limonada3. N.A.M.E.4. 6th Avenue Phone Booth5. Ruhezone6. The Peace Treaty7. Dub Rubber (Mattias Ek rmx)8. Winter Look9. Moving Ocean10. Up North11. Ophelia”s Song (Lauge”s Lunch Mix)1
2. Lunar Nature Resort (Outro)


Henrik Laugeson: Lauge: paints a perfect imaginary sonic portrait of different aspects of Nature…..space The World-Universe and Humanity in each track. On this beautiful journey you travel into plush ambient sound scapes layers of organic elements and mesmerizing melodies. This sonic portrait is further enhanced by tribal texture influences of techno dub and subtle hints of psychedelia. A Downtempo lover”s heaven to escape to. after a long hard night at work or a long hard night on the dance floor.Versatile for both day and night this album is true brilliance in Relaxation and Healing for the Body Mind and Soul.

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15 Sep

VA – Sunday Vol 2

Скачать бесплатно VA - Sunday

  • WEEK Aug. 2011/32
  • STYLE: Progressive Trance
  • LENGTH: 70 min 8 sec

Track 1

1. Within – Vice. [7:39]

Track 2

2. Breaking Point – NOK. [7:38]

Track 3

3. Ages of history – Midimal. [8:50]

Track 4

4. Puls – Zyce. [7:18]

Track 5

5. Krik – E-Clip. [7:15]

Track 6

6. Feel Good – DJ Fabio and Toxic Universe. [7:33]

Track 7

7. 2nd Movement 2010 – Haldolium. [7:35]

Track 8

8. Sao Paulo (Ritmo rmx) – Ace Ventura. [8:20]

Track 9

9. Lithium – Zyce and Egorythmia. [8:00]


Compiled by Creator.Asking ten of your friends for the very best phase of a summer festival there is quite a good possibility that you will receive the same answer from most them: Sunday!And of course there are many reasons why Sunday is so much special.Everybody has become familiar with the venue and all the other party freaks and everybody has become part of that certain mutual groove. Especially when the name of this day of the week turns out to keep what it promises: A shiny sunny day. And last but not least the music frequently is really special on Sundays While central Europe is still struggling with a really cold though beautiful winter mister Creator from Progressive hot spot Switzerland sends out some first musical sunrays as a foretaste for the upcoming outdoor season.Nine brand new tracks might really produce somewhat similar to the euphoric hormone cocktail in your head that comes along with spring. In consequence it wont be easy to keep you feet calm during this delicious Sunday meal

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