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VA – Tales from the dark forest

Скачать бесплатно D - Program - Tales From The City

  • WEEK May 2010/21
  • STYLE: Dub
  • STOCK: In Stock
  • FORMAT: Compact Disc
  • BARCODE 881034378118

1. Horizon – D-Program2. Blood Sweat Tears – D-Program3. Samuel Colt – D-Program4. The Last Balloon – D-Program5. Drug War – D-Program6. These Sounds – D-Program7. Peaking – D-Program8. The Shit – D-Program9. Gangstaz Waltz – D-Program10. The Drama – D-Program11. Culture Shock – D-Program12. The Kush – D-Program


Tales From The City is D-Program”s debut album……documenting a blazingly vivid audio awakening of his life growing up in the hot bed of international dubstep and electronic talent the San Fran Bay Area.12 unforgettable and hypnotic and instrumental tracks bounce from new school dubstep to melodic glitch hop from funky trip hop to down tempo and experimental soundscapes. Dance floor rollers such as These Sounds and Peaking please the heavy bass crowd while Blood Sweat and Tears and Horizon appeal to the more tech sophisticated listener. “The Shit” and “The Drama” both a little more fusion oriented with a hip hop slash rock crossover feel. Most astute Dubstep Djs will recall D-Programs hit debut “The Traveler” back in 2007 released with Full Melt Recordings now legendary seminal release “Bay Area Dub Step Volume 01”. Now after blazing out hit singles like “Gangsta” he comes back with the first complete album by artist D-Program and the debut release for Tech Support Recordings.Tech Support Recordings the west coasts newest tribal representative of breaks and heavy bass music. TSR teams up with Geomagnetic”s latest sublabel Bass Star Records and together represents the new sound of dubstep/glitch-hop/trip-hop/broken beat/drum and bass/experimental and beyond. TSRs mission is to push the envelope as far as possible not limiting ourselves by genre geography or bpm TSR is about one type of music alone quality music.Stay tuned for more singles like the debut “Gangsta” dropping like mad!

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