27 Sep

VA – Technical Progress

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  • WEEK Feb. 2008/06
  • STYLE: Progressive Trance
  • STOCK: In Stock
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  • FORMAT: Compact Disc
  • BARCODE 4250250401010

1. Relax2. Peak Preference3. Digital RTA4. If You Reset5. Noisecontrol6. Processorlover7. They Need It8. 196Hz9. Clock Me


After a wonderful 2007 Spintwist Records is proud to kick of the year 200
8……with the second album by Kularis “Technical Progress”.Kularis is the solo project of DJ Mullekular was founded in 2004 and has since then released tracks on labels like Yellow Sunshine Explosion Planet B.E.N. Synergetic and of course Spintwist where he also released his debut album “Rovin” On” in 200
6.Apart from his solo project DJ Mullekular has also collaborated with other artists such as the legendary DJ Sangeet with the project Salaris as well as the Israeli Aerospace with the project Aerokularis and on the party- scene he has already played live and as a DJ on the most important renowned festivals like VooV Full Moon Antaris and also many international partys”Technical Progress” marks just that – a progress in Kularis technical know-how which together with his musical education sets a new standard for his creations and makes this progressive trance album one of the best so far from our label. It”s melodic and dancefloor field-tested with many of tribal elements psychedelic structures and lots of memorable moments.A definatly must have progressive journey for you!

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