25 Nov

VA – The Voyage

Скачать бесплатно Samadhi, Fungus Funk - Vostok 1

  • WEEK Mar. 2008/12
  • STYLE: Psytrance Psychedelic Trance
  • STOCK: Not available
  • FORMAT: Compact Disc

1. Intro – Samadhi Fungus Funk2. Vostok – Samadhi3. Zero Gravity – Samadhi4. Star Dust – Samadhi5. Korolev”s Cosmodrome – Samadhi6. Cosmic Race – Fungus Funk7. Heat Damage – Fungus Funk8. Warped Space – Fungus Funk9. Astra – Fungus Funk10. Our Planet – Samadhi Fungus Funk


From “Blitz Studios” a newly established Russian-Aussie label based in Australia comes a……super-monster of a debut release. Two brilliant Russian artists Samadhi and Fungus Funk combine their efforts for a split album titled “Vostok 1”. This release is named after the Soviet-made spacecraft which carried the first man into space and it will surely re-establish Russian dominance in the far away cosmic regions!The music featured on the album is an exceptional selection of thumping and powerful freshly prepared night-time and dawn psychedelic trance straight from the Blitz Studios psy-oven for your enjoyment:) Fungus Funk”s ultra phat basslines and futuristic synths and Samadhi”s hypnotic sounds and menacing leads will take even the most demanding listener on a journey into the abyss and beyond!After numerous compilation tracks this work is proudly Samadhi”s first ever and long overdue album release as it is Fungus Funk”s most convincing release to this day a powerful and so eagerly anticipated comeback after his previous “F-People” album! Superb production demonstrated by the artists quality mastering by Artifakt and vibrant cover design by Girlxboys make this Blitz Studios” debut something truly unforgettable.

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