20 Nov

VA – Vibration 1

Скачать бесплатно VA - Vibraspirit vol 23.11

  • WEEK Oct. 2005/44
  • STYLE: Psytrance Psychedelic Trance
  • STOCK: Not available
  • FORMAT: Compact Disc

1. Strange attractors – ITP2. Rough sex – Decibel3. Twister (Mike A rmx) – Silent Scream4. Brain activity (Bionic Empire rmx) – Syzmix5. Constructing fantasies – Toxical6. Head poppers – Silent Scream7. Synthetic classics – Planum8. Gremlin speed – Principles of Flight9. Mia”s lair – Secret Trick vs Etonloupe10. Zerkalo – Trancedriver


The SunDance Saga continues with Part 3 of the Vibraspirit series VS Vol 2
1.Introducing ITP from Israel with an incredibly STYLE: of psy and a special message from Terrance McKenna. ITP are forging a new organic sound in psytrance watch out! Decibel from Australia gives us some Rough Sex with quirky over the top funky madness as only Australians know how. Mike A from Israel pays homage to one of the hits in recent psytrance years with a remix of Silent Scream – Twister.wait for it it just keeps building and building.Syzmix and Bionic Empire team up to continue the Australian invasion with a scorching track filled to the brim with melody and power. Of course many morning dancefloors love this track too. New school Israeli act Toxical provide us with a sizzling dancefloor sensation starting out with funky chunk slowly transforming into a relentless stream of melody and innovation.Silent Scream has put on the melody shoes with Headpoppers universally described as their most melodic track so far. Absolutely guaranteed dancefloor track for every single dancefloor all over the world. New Russian talent Planum introduces himself with highly innovative new sound. Very hard to peg it as something this artist has extreme audio engineer ability. Look out for his album shortly!P.O.F. from France (rhombus plus mate) breaks the sound barriers with a total night time story. It”s huge hard and powerful and just when you think it has reached its peak Slam! they take it to another level. Be prepared for screams and yelps from the crowd when playing this track!New Russian talent Secret Trick teams up with Australian act Etonloupe for a collaboration of international proportions. Power melody 4/4 time signatures melt into 3/4 with unusual results these guys are thinking of future when writing.Legendary Russian act Transdriver finishes the compilation magically with one unique and innovative morning track. Let these new vibrations refresh your spirit 2
3.11 style!

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