26 Nov

VA – Wabi

Скачать бесплатно Forgotten Future - W1

  • WEEK Aug. 2015/32
  • STYLE: Ambient Chillout
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  • FORMAT: Compact Disc
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1. The Last Flyover2. Lone Observer3. Altered Consciousness4. Diving Board In Space5. Forgotten Future6. Parallel Realities7. Energy Assembly8. Breakthrough9. Witnessing The Forces10. Together11. Space Rain12. Re-End Prologue13. Re-End14. Return To A New Ending15. Utbat


Forgotten future is a moniker and personal project of European-Californian platinum album…… electronic music and film score composer sound designer and synthesist Julius Dobos aka DragonBall Z Don”t Mess with the Zohan MallCop Ncis Connecting Images Mountain Flying.Forgotten future was born in 2014 as an independent psybient electonic music project free from current trends and industry influences. The first album of a 4 part concept series forgotten future. W1 is a musical and ideological framework of a set of beliefs related to the “big questions” who we are why are we here Time Space and Nature. The series offers musical endeavors for the listener taking a Universal trip through themes centered around these four topics into the never fully explored layers of sonics.The organic electronic psybient space-ambient-electronic music of forgotten future evokes strong emotions and memories with its haunting melodies intricate and often epic electronic instrumentation unique cutting edge sound design processed field recordings and compex rich analog textures.

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