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VA – Waypoint

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  • WEEK Apr. 2014/14
  • STYLE: Ambient Chillout
  • LENGTH: 74 min 42 sec

Track 1

1. Alone in Canoe. [1:35]

Track 2

2. Eagle”s Tale. [8:49]

Track 3

3. Tears of Thunder Spirit (Blue mix). [7:52]

Track 4

4. Hanblicheya (Blue mix). [8:54]

Track 5

5. Fighting with Unchegila. [8:32]

Track 6

6. Dreamers of Black Hills (Blue mix). [8:02]

Track 7

7. Vision of Star Woman (Big Deeper mix). [9:12]

Track 8

8. Tribute for Hiawatha. [9:58]

Track 9

9. Uenuku (Blue mix). [9:42]

Track 10

10. Peta-Owi Hankeshni. [2:06]


Here it comes again. A very particular feeling of analogue warmth and depth….. intense harmony and exciting rhythmic textures that could well be the soundtrack of a movie.It is “The Way Of One” the latest album by Koan.The duo has been active for more than 20 years now and once again they manage to set a prime example for Ambient sound – because their music instantly creates a mood a very intense atmosphere. The Way of One has been inspired by the mythology of the North American natives it sets to music traditional motives and beliefs: It”s all about the mystery of creation about pairs and opposites about celestial beings and spirits of nature. In consequence the atmosphere is as dynamic as it can be an ongoing change. Sometimes it”s created by complex melodic pad sounds that take the listener to ethereal heights almost without percussive support and then again it”s lively grooves which are even danceable. Koan deliver a work that checks all the boxes for a classic album or even a legend: It is a story with beginning and end taking unpredictable twists and turns changing between blissful excitement and quiet moments of reflection.With “The Way of One” the Russian veterans set another milestone as the timeless magic of this album clearly echoes into eternity!

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