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X-Dream – The Best 1991 – 2001

Скачать бесплатно X-Dream - The Best 1991 - 2001

  • WEEK Apr. 2006/16
  • STYLE: Psytrance Psychedelic Trance
  • STOCK: Not available
  • FORMAT: 2 x Compact Disc

1. Live Fast – Die Young – X Dream2. Children Of The Last Generation – X Dream3. The 5th Dimension – X Dream4. Clone 3 – X Dream5. Eleven – X Dream6. Our Own Happiness (303 Edit – Unreleased) – X Dream7. Psychomachine – X Dream8. Relax Vortex – X Dream9. The 2nd Room – X Dream10. Panic In Paradise – X Dream11. Freak – X Dream1
2. The Frog – X Dream1
3. Radio Remix – X Dream1
4. Out Here We”re Stoned – X Dream1
5. Inter Corporal Stimulator – X Dream1
6. Piece – X Dream1
7. Aspirin – X Dream1
8. Coming Son – X Dream1
9. Irritant – X Dream20. Thorazin – X Dream


The eleven-year X-Dream musical journey has been condensed into a double CD and released!Twelve quintessential tracks have been re-mastered and re-arranged giving new life to these legendary classics.Since forming in the early 90″s they have consistently stayed a step ahead utilizing sounds that reflect avant-garde and artistic visions filled with a unique originality. The newest double CD release “The Best” is the ultimate album with legendary tracks carefully selected by Jan and Marcus themselves. Their glorious musical footsteps are highlighted on this CD including difficult to find rarities and unreleased versions of classic tracks!If one dares to choose the most famous among these anthems that drove dance floors into a frenzy throughout the world are “Our Own Happiness” “Psychomachine” “Relax Vortex” “Panic In Paradise” on CD1 (comprised of releases from 1991 to 95); “Freak” “The Frog” “Radio Rmx” “Out Here We”re Stoned” on CD2 spanning 1996 to 200
1.All the sound sources are arranged and given new life by X-Dream themselves once again vividly illustrating their remarkable talent. Fellow top German techno artist Thomas P. Heckman has done the re-mastering of this newest offering. The booklet includes the original album and singles unique cover designs and a historical discography. Both the music and packaging is polished to a level that should satisfy both old school and new X-Dream fans alike.

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